Once again

Hello everyone! This is me, Ingrid. I’m sorry I was unable to post for a while. I’ve been too busy trying to participate. Everything is going quite good. Thank you all for helping me let go of the past and move on with my life. Such a burden has dissapeared and I have been smiling since. This is the blog of someone who was once unhappy with herself and life, but somehow moved on to better things. I know that a lot of you have been going through the same thing. Please believe me when I say, you will get through this issue. I know some days you feel like breaking down and you feel as if you have been shattered. You will heal, you have to believe that you will. I know his is cheesy… but just trust me, I’ve been through this as well. Depression and suicidal thoughts are not to be taken lightly. Please get a hold of someone. One of your friends, a family member, or an online therapy website. (7 cups of tea is a good website) please don’t let the sadness build up, it only makes it harder to break down. I trust you will take care of yourself. My life changed drastically after I just tried to be happy. Trying makes a diffe
rence. You will make progress everyday if you try to, it takes time and effort but I believe in you.

Until then, Ingrid


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