I’m better

I’m better. I’m so much better. I have this blog and my impatience to thank. Thank God, I’m better. Thank you all  for reading my blog and giving encouraging words. I’m through this. It’s all in the past. Oh, I’m truly happy. I don’t think I’ve ever said that… I’M HAPPY! 

Oh joyous days to come. I cannot wait. I can enjoy my life without feeling pain everywhere I go. Oh thank you. I have things I can finally do. Things I couldn’t do before. I can fill the emptiness that used to be filled with pain and fill it with happiness. I just, I guess I never actually believed in myself. It was a giant mental block in my head. And I was in control of it all along. Silly, stupid head. Oh gosh. Well, I am healed. Thank you for thinking of me. I love you guys.


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