Goodbye, childhood friend

Just because we are opposite doesn’t mean we can’t try to like the same things. But, it’s true. You can’t. You really can’t.
I’ve tried and tried to agree with my friend on things, but I totally disagree. We have completely different views on everything. And I hate to admit it but we aren’t as close as before. We might not ever be. We’ve known eachother for 6 years and it’s just now taking me to realize that opposites can never work. I love my best friend, we have so many funny moments together but I don’t see anymore happening. And I honestly can’t say that I ever see them happening again. We are growing apart. This was the friendship that I thought would last forever. I just wanted 1 friend that would last me through all of highschool, and college even. I hate this. I hate having nothing in common. I hate how easily it can be to break up a friendship. This sucks. This truly sucks.


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