To love and to be loved

To love and to be loved.  Two very different feelings.  Love is longing for something out of reach.  You just have to have enough courage to walk in that direction.  To be loved is very different from the feeling of longing for someone.  It’s knowing that you’re worth something to someone.  You know that you’ll always have someone there to back you up in every situation.  Or to be there when you’re sad and depressed.  Even if you don’t love them back, it’s a great honor to be loved.  Sometimes love can be deceitful.  But without love there would be such an emptiness of emotion.  Nobody could be happy without knowing someone is there for them.  Love is in every emotion.  Although they don’t show it well, people always love.  Even the most evil person can love on this earth.  Someone is always loved, even if they don’t feel it.



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