Myself as a Child would be Dissapointed

My Mum told me to clean my room, so I’m on WordPress.

I always had this perfect image of myself, how I would be in the future. When I was little I always thought I would be a professional Softball player or an actress. Something extraordinary for that matter. But I look at myself today… A sad girl with only her books to keep her company. I’m a bit appalled by myself. I wish I could turn the clock and apologize to my younger self for ruining my life. I was never a happy kid that’s why I always imagined myself happy in the future. But to be honest I get worse every year. My attitude has completely changed from the time I went to private school to now. I used to be outgoing, funny, friendly, smart. I guess when you’re not around very many people each day, something in you changes to become quiet. Nobody to talk to so you kind of just talk to yourself.

I doubt any of you have felt this way. If you have, then you’ll understand. I want to be back to the way I was. But, something in me refuses to change. I guess I will have to cope with it for a bit longer.


5 thoughts on “Myself as a Child would be Dissapointed

  1. Everyone has this perfect picture of themselves. Since you say your homeschooled, I suspect you’re still in school. Well its not like your ruining the rest of your life. You are just beginning, keep your head up. It will be fine. It takes time to become social after going quiet. You just need to start with someone. One person and start your way up.

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