I hate to admit this but my blog will probably be the most awkward blog of all blogs. Yes I said blogs a lot just then. Anyways, Hi! I’m Ingrid. I’ve heard my name is swedish and I’m okay with that. Even though I’m not the least bit Swedish at all. I’m Scottish and Irish. So yep I’m pale, for sure. I’m homeschooled for many different reasons. A. I like it. B. I hate people. C. I like being alone.

I get called weird almost everyday when I step out that door. Most of the time it’s when I open my mouth to talk because I talk differently than I think. For example, you mentally go through a sentence in your mind before you say it. Well, I do too, except my sentence comes out differently. If I were to stand up for myself and I had a long risky speech going in my mind. It would come out something like, “Be quiet”. It’s quite annoying. Why don’t you talk, Ingrid? I’M FREAKING THINKING, LEAVE ME ALONE. I hope that explains why I’m homeschooled. It probably does.

THINGS I LIKE: Any ocean, sea, river, lake. Fair fries, Owls, Chamomile tea, Iced tea, Dr. Pepper, Greek food, Baseball, Books, Socks, Candles that smell like vanilla, Flowers, Cameras, Vintage things, Slow music, Sand Castles, Wavy hair, Europe, Paris things, Working out, Writing, and being happy. 🙂

THINGS I DISLIKE: Fish, Elevators, Tornados, Hipsters, People in general (I have few exceptions), Shopping for hours, Rodents, Fettuccine, People who brag, Over Exaggeration, Drama, Gossip, iPhones, and Instagram.



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